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Need A Race Car?

Need A Race Car?

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See Our Recent Work

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Welcome to Bills Built Race Cars...

This is where you will find out a little about what we are all about...

For most of his life, Bob Bills, has been around the racing scene. It started way back with his dad going to NHRA events. They competed in the sportsman division of the NHRA and local bracket racing circuit. While spending some time with his father, Bills, began to realize his dream of being able to fabricate race cars.

Bob's father, used to build cars in the Super stock ranks, and he would
soon work on his own talents helping out. Each year, Bills would learn
more and more, until it was time to make his own destiny or change.

In 1998, Bills made his way into the dirt track crowd working on cars for individuals and fabricating a few Street Stocks from the ground up. As he began to work more in-depth in the dirt track world, Bills found a new passion, building modifieds.

Now he found something he could construct from ground up! Not only could he do this, but he could also see the fruit of his labor while watching his cars perform flawlessly on the local tracks. In 2001, Bob Bills would become a full-time modified chassis manufacturer with Bills Built Race Cars.

From his humble beginnings, he has turned Bills Built into a powerhouse.
In 2007, his Bills Built modifieds won track championships, a Kansas State IMCA Championship and a 3 peat in the NCRA Modified touring series. Nationally, Bills Built modifieds made headlines with a USMTS Feature win in Texas and qualifying cars for the IMCA Super Nationals. Bills Built cars are proven winners.In the Bills Built philosophy of business, Bob Bills, prides himself on each and every car that is turned out at his shop in Wichita, Kansas.

"It's not a goal of mine to build 200 to 300 cars a year, " said Bills in
a recent interview, "My goal is to make the best car possible and build
great relationships. I want my customers to feel like they can call me
whenever. Bills Built's service extends beyond someone picking up their car and going home. We are here to make sure each and every customer has the best shot at succeeding. We will provide everyone with a great product and all the help they can ask for!"

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Awesome cars and Bobby takes care of his customers!
Dave W.

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